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Most professional attire may be cleaned in our highly efficient, automated process. However, some items require extra attention during the cleaning process, e.g., dresses, coats, etc. Including these prices, our customers typically save 50% or more compared to other cleaners. Stop by our store for prices on leathers, household items, and more.

Item Price
Most Garments $3.50 Ea. - No Limit!
Men's Shirts $1.50 Ea. - No Limit!
Police Uniforms $5.00 (2pc)
Dresses $6 and Up
Sports Jerseys $6.00 Ea.
Coats (regular and 3/4) $4.50 and Up
Overcoats and RainCoats $8 and Up
Twin/Full Comforter $15.00+ Ea.
Queen/King Comforter $20.00+ Ea.
Down Comforter $30.00+ Ea.

* esc - All garments listed also require an environmental service charge (esc), 35¢ each item. We are dedicated to providing exceptional savings for your cleaning needs. We are also dedicated to our environment.

Super green dry cleaning with SYSTEMK4 at your Dublin dry cleaners

Green Dry Cleaners

Dry cleaning gentle on the skin and environment

Get the best for your sensitive skin and the environment. We use SYSTEMK4! It's eco-friendly and an exceptionally safe cleaning solution. Our SYSTEMK4 process does not pose a risk to air, water, human beings and soil.

Dry cleaners near me? That's us!

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